Amateur basketball league

Austin Debose

Age:24 | Height: 6ft | Weight: 190

Patient offensive player who can explode to the rim and stop on a dime for jump shots. Comfortable handling the ball to get to his spots, but also be unselfish with the ball, and will look for open teammates on the floor. Always moving off ball to get open or to get teammates open by using solid screens. An agile player on defense who can guard the perimeter or on the block to slow their offense down.

Amateur basketball league

Damien Reid

Age:30 | Height: 6ft | Weight: 162.4

As a Point Guard, he is great in transition, and is always looking to get teammates involved. Strong finisher around the rim, uses floater as a go to shot which helps him create baskets anywhere on the floor. A natural for finding the ball off of a miss on both sides of the floor. Has great confidence in his abilities and is a natural leader on and off the floor.

Amateur basketball league

Zacc Carter

Age:22 | Height: 6’1ft | Weight: 210

One of our younger players, but plays like a veteran. He loves making his way to the rim and scoring. With a 3 point range and a quick step, defenders are clueless on how to guard him. His defensive hustle allows him to take calculated gambles to grab steals or slow down the other team’s offense. Look for him to keep learning the game and using his intensity in and out of the game for us to have a successful year.

Amateur basketball league

Ashton Cook

Age:25 | Height: 5’9ft | Weight: 185.2

Shifty, crafty skill set is what makes him the Point Guard that he is today. Very mature with a high IQ who can play both ends of the court. He is efficient in his shooting ability due to being undersized. An all around great finisher at the rim which sucks the defense in and helps spread out the offense. Uses his body to take contact but is under control to finish at the basket. His coach like mentality out on the floor makes him a great leader and earn the respect of teammates.

Amateur basketball league

Darius Watts

Age:22 | Height: 6’4ft | Weight: 176.6

Lengthy Guard that can defend any position on the floor. He causes havoc on the boards at both ends of the court. An outside shooter, but will also post up defenders. His ability to stretch the floor and keep the defense guessing will help his teammates find better looks. His team first attitude and unselfish play will help lead this team to victories.

Amateur basketball league

Dez Hetherington

Age:26 | Height: 5’8ft | Weight: 176.4

He uses his speed and quickness on both ends of the court. A true facilitator of the ball, and always getting his team involved. He is not afraid of contact when going to the basket, in fact, he almost welcomes it. He will hit the 3’s when we need him to like its just the natural thing to do. Quick hands and fast feet help him on the defensive side of things. Look at him to be vocal on and off the court to get his teammates engaged in the game.

Amateur basketball league

Jacob Joyner

Age:29 | Height: 5’9ft | Weight: 150

is bringing his energy and court awareness to the Fury.He uses his quickness to his advantage on both ends of the court. Defensively he will slow down any guard who tries to drive and has the speed to recover when he needs to over play. He has no issues guarding the entire length of the floor. On the offensive side look for him to involve teammates by driving and dishing the rock. his intensity on and off the court will give this team the spark they need to succeed.

Amateur basketball league

Jaqaevein Williams

Age:21 | Height: 6’4ft | Weight: 172.4

A very crafty guard, slowly learning the roll of a big. An unselfish player who always tries to get his teammates involved. Very aggressive player  around the rim and is always looking to crash the boards. Almost impossible to stop when he is rolling to the basket. His length is vary scary on the defensive side where he will block shots and make the other team think twice before going at him. Even when down he never refuses to give up. Always in go mode and stays focused no matter the distractions.

Amateur basketball league

Gabe Hernandez

Age:33 | Height: 5’9ft | Weight: 179

from the Bronx New York the guard is a fast pace solid guard. Can finish at the rim, handle the ball, and has some flashy passes. Also, a dog on the defense end who likes to apply pressure to assist in key turnovers. His play overseas in the Dominican Republic has helped bring high intensity and great leadership to the team.

Amateur basketball league

Nevin Killebrew – Brister

Age:27 | Height: 6’1ft | Weight: 175

He is a very active player on both sides of the court. Offensively he is looking to make his own shots off screens or driving to the basket. He will over power smaller defenders and blow by the bigger ones. He will cause double teams and will find the wide open man. He will go up for rebounds against the tallest players and still come down with it. The work ethic he has is second to none which keeps him in shape to defend the floor for 94 ft.

Amateur basketball league

Johnny Rogers

Age:26 | Height: 5’8ft | Weight: 186

A pure midrange shooter who doesn’t mind heading to the basket. He has impressive court vision and will undoubtedly find the open teammate. He will sit on any player on the defensive side and hold his own. His basketball IQ is high, his communication skills are on point and his team first attitude will push to a successful season.

Amateur basketball league

Yoseff Brooks

Age:27 | Height: 5’11ft | Weight: 158

A big personality who knows how to get his teammates hyped on and off the court. He is unselfish and does what is asked of him all game long to put us in a winning situation. Getting to the rim is his specialty and rarely misses when he gets there. Keeping his teammates involved by moving without the ball ensures that we keep the floor spread and get into favorable matchups. Defensively he can jump with the best of them, so if they think its going to be an easy bucket around the rim, be careful because he may just grab it out of the air.

Amateur basketball league

Vidal Washington

Age:25 | Height: 6’1ft | Weight: 198

a team first player. Great passer who looks to get teammates involved. He is a knockdown shooter anywhere on the court and will get streaky from 3 which makes him unstoppable on the offensive side. Defensive leader who knows how to talk and direct traffic, not afraid of guarding a post down low. High Basketball IQ who brings energy to this team every single game.

Amateur basketball league

Nick Welch

Age:23 | Height: 6’3ft | Weight: 210

An unselfish player who will pass up a good shot for a great shot. He can see the floor better than most which gives him the opportunity to play multiple positions to get the ball to his teammates. Just because he is a skilled passer, doesn’t mean you leave him uncontested behind the arc. He has been known to catch fire multiple times a game, but will use that to blow by defenders when they over play him. His high basketball IQ on both ends of the court and being able to communicate to his players will help this team grow and be successful.

Amateur basketball league

Jordan Harris

Age:29 | Height: 6’1ft | Weight: 215

Pure athletic ability who is constantly trying to improve. After being signed by the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams, he know what it takes to the next level and shares that with his team. He loves creating his own shot. With the ability to shoot 3’s, he is able to to stretch the floor. He can put it on the floor and drive to the rim where defenders have a hard time defending him. That football mentality allows him to play bigger than he is and ends up being a monster on the boards. He isn’t afraid to guard anyone on the court.